A retro tough as nails, arcade combat game! Use your trusty swords and explosives to smack down bats and demons while dodging other dangerous traps!

But be warned... it will not be easy. Hehehe...


Mouse Cursor: Aim Throwing Swords

Mouse L-Click: Throw Sword

Mouse R-Click: Plant/Detonate Bomb

W,A,S,D: Movement


You have two swords at your disposal to launch at enemies. Once a sword is thrown the only way to get it back is to catch it or wait until it strikes an enemy.

You only have one bomb with a decent radius for rounding up and killing enemies, but be aware that the explosion from it can kill you as well, so keep your distance!

Avoid other traps and obstacles such as spikes or fire. These can't be destroyed.

Chests are a risk and reward, either giving you some points or an active bomb.

Gold Coins will occasionally spawn for brief moments and increase your score.