Commander Draw 2.1 is the second version of a tool used to make chunky pixel art, now with a fresh look and new tools!

Now included with custom canvas size options, along with double the maximum canvas height! Also included are improved Save, Load, and Export options, since all pieces deserve to be saved.

  Eyedropper, allowing you to grab colors or text stamp symbols right off the canvas.

  Fill Bucket, for when you need a huge splash of color.

  Text Stamp, letting you choose from 48 symbols to stamp to express yourself.

   Rectangles, because drawing boxes by hand is just too slow.

   Line, letting you draw from point A to point B.

   Hand, for fast scrolling. Why walk when you can run?

Sound interesting to you? Well go ahead and try our free demo right in your browser to be sure it's right for you! 

You can also download the official user's manual for free as well right below.